Beef Club – Meets  September – December. The club meets at 6:30 pm at the Kendall County Extension Office. Club Manager is Annette Bourgeois  (annette.bourgeois@ag.tamu.edu)

Comfort Club– Meets the 3rd Monday of each month at 6:30 pm at Comfort Park TX Hwy 27 Comfort TX. Club Manager is Nicole Spenrath (bspenrath@hctc.net)

Fashion Club –   Contact Club Leaders for details Club Manager is Betsy Smith (Betsyellensmith@gmail.com) and Co-Leader is Rebecca McFarland . Fashion Club meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM at the Kronkosy Senior “The Center” 17 Old San Antonio Rd, Boerne Tx

Foods & Nutrition Club –  Fall Program –  Contact Hilary Putrite 4-H  Coordinator for details Hilary.Putrite@ag.tamu.edu

Sheep & Goat Club –  Meetings held the 2nd Monday of each month (Sept – Dec) at 6:30 pm at the Kendall County Youth Ag and Equestrian Center . Club Manager is Morgan Meyer  (morgan@tinsleyrealtygroup.com )

.22 Rifle Program  – Project activities will kick off in October. Club Leader is Fred Stehling, for communication on club contact Hannah Dufresne – (Hannahdufresne2025@gmail.com)

Sisterdale – Meets the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:30 pm at the Sisterdale Schoolhouse.   Club Manager is Clarie Schulze (clarieschulze@yahoo.com )

Swine Club – Meets the 3rd Thursday of the month (Sept – Dec) at 6:30 pm – Kendall County Youth Ag and Equestrian Center. Club Manager is Elaine Bohnert (mbohnert@gvtc.com)

Vet Science – the Veterinary Science Certificate Program provides 4-H students with the knowledge, motivation, and skills necessary to pursue their educational/career goals. This program also provides a sound platform for students who wish to pursue an associate, undergraduate, graduate or professional degree in the veterinary science field. Students who complete the in-depth 5 year program receive Veterinary Assistant (VA) classification and are eligible for Certified Veterinary Assistant (CVA) certification through the Texas Veterinary Medical Association (TVMA). For more information, please contact the Extension Office at 830-331-8242.

Dog Club – Meets 3rd Tuesday of each month from 6PM to 7PM. This club has monthly meetings plus opportunities for weekly dog classes – contact the club leader for more details. Club leader Nikki Jedlicka ( ponzona@msn.com )

Archery Club – Currently need to fill leader position – if you are interested please contact our office in helping with our Archery Program

Horse Club – Has many opportunities to exhibit your horse, but if you do not own one their are many options available to join the horse club and participate in Horse Judging Contests and Hippology Contests.  Meeting dates are the third Thursday of each month – Open Ride at 5:00 PM / Meeting at 6:30 PM  at the Kendall County Ag and Equestrian Center Horse Club leader is Dan Still (djstill@bluecollarboxers.com)  for Horse Judging and Hippology contact Hilary Putrite (Hilary.Putrite@ag.tamu.edu)

Meats Judging – Learn how to identify cuts of meat and judge classes of meat.  Leader position currently vacant.

Robotics Club – Robots are all around us. From the food we eat to the cars we drive, robots help make our lives easier, more efficient, and simply more fun! The field of robotics is expanding at a rapid pace, and Texas 4-H is poised to help lead young people into this exciting field. You will learn how to design, build, and program robots in an exciting and hands-on project. Club Leader is Brad McFarland (a1u2t3x5@gmail.com )

Backyard Poultry Club – Learn all about how to raise chickens in your backyard. Meetings are 4th Thursday each month – Location is Boerne Public Library at 7:00 PM.  Leader is Abigail Epple (abigailepple@gmail.com )

Photography Club –  If you love to take photos and want to increase your knowledge, don’t need a fancy camera – you can use your cell phone for photos.  Leader is Tessie Ellis (Tessie.Ellis@gmail.com) The club will be meeting the 2rd Sunday of each month at 4PM here at the Kendall County AgriLife Extension Office.

Live to Lead 4-H Club – Learning and experiencing leadership opportunities along with community service activities within our community.  This club teaches our youth to serve our community. Club Leader is Mary Rowe (maryrowe96@hotmail.com)

Check us out on Facebook our is called Kendall County AgriLife Extension and 4-H 







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